Tidligere formidlede kull


KULL-ID: 01-2023
Kennel Shospot
Ch. Shospot’s A Fathers Love / Spotnik`s Quiet Quickie

KULL-ID: 02-2023
Kennel Busby
Delicate Design Rudolf / Busby’s Only Sunshine

Kull ID: 03-2023
Kennel Dot.com
Price-Spot’s Move Heaven And Earth / Dot.com’s Ms. Marvel

Kull-ID: 04-2023
Kennel Spotnik
Unique Spots Elegant Echo Of Magic/ Spotnik’s Quality Queen
Kull-ID: 05 -2023
Kennel Price-spot
Dalnews Hatos Hugo / Price-spot’s Ice Princess

Kull-ID: 06 -2023
Kennel Fjellbrura
Botnicus Fast And Furious/ Dalming’s Marzipan

Kull-ID: 07-2023
Kennel Toots
Ch Toot’s Venus in Furs/ Ch Toot’s Whatever you want


Kull ID: 01-2022
Kennel Price-spot v/ Heidi Price & Silje Paulsen
Dalnews Joyful Jonas / Ch Price-spot’s Instant Karma

Kull ID: 02-2022
Kennel Skvå v/ Bente Ovnerud
Ch Price-spot’s Inside Man / Sesequine Diamond Destiny

Kull ID: 03-2022
Kennel Midleton v/ Line C. Altberg
Spotnik’s Quartz Quality / ch. Spotnik’s Mocca Mint Med Midleton

Kull ID: 04-2022
Kennel Toots v/ Aase Jakobsen
Toot’s Venus In Furs / Ch. Toot’s Stole The Show


Kull ID: 01-2021
Kennel Lovinda v/ Rune & Anne Karin Nyhammer
Ch Dalmo’s Aragon The First / Lovinda’s Miss Maiken

Kull ID: 02-2021
Kennel Toots v/Aase Jakobsen
Ch.Botnicus Fast and Furious/Ch. Toot’s One Way Ticket

Kull ID: 03-2021
Kennel Skvå v/Bente N Ovnerud
Ch. Dalmo’s Headmaster II / Sesequine Diamond Destiny (LUA)

Kull ID: 04.2021
Kennel Spotnik v/Helle Høie
Ch. Dalmo’s Elegant Edward / Ch. Midleton’s Daphne Dream Spotnik

Kull ID: 05.2021
Kennel Price-spot v/Heidi Price & Silje Paulsen
Ch. Price-spot’s Are You Ready / Ch. Price-spot’s Hand In Hand

Kull ID: 06-2021
Kennel Dot.Com v/Miriam Øzger
Ch. Price-spot’s Cool Runnings / Ch. Dot.Com’s Keepsake

Kull ID: 07-2021
Kennel Dalmixx v/Petter Andrèsen
Ch. Price-spot’s Inside Man / Kind’ly Spots Cuzco Conqueress

Kull ID: 08-2021
Kennel Busby v/Trude Aalien
Ch Sernland Owl of Olbero / Busby’s Nora

Kull ID: 09-2021
Kennel Fossum Dream v/Anne Katrine Grindalen
Ch Bello Blanco Dylan / Ch Delicate Design Arya Stark

Kull ID: 10-2021
Kennel Shospot v/Shona Nedungadi & Eva Osvold Brakstad
Ch Price-spot’s Icebreaker / Shospot’s Bacardi Belissimo

Kull ID: 11-2021
Kennel Toot’s v/Aase Jakobsen, Åsa Fagerlund og Ellen Utsi
Ch Toot’s Look for a star / Ch Toot’s She’s a Rainbow

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